Reality Reflections

Hey Kittens…

Been trying to keep myself distracted with reality shows and I have to wonder, because you guys know I don’t get out much, but, are these situations foreign to most, or is this truly a snapshot of lives behind closed doors?

I watch a myriad of shows like Love & Hip Hop, various Real Wives, Kardashians, Rehabs, Come Backs, Pageant, Cooking, Baking, Dating, Hill Billies, Rich Kids…and on and on.  What I’m always amazed at are not only the predicaments that these people find themselves in, but their reactions and problem solving/amplifying ways.

ImageI’m all about a good show and some heightened drama…but doesn’t some of it seem just TOO over the top at times??

My heart goes out to the kids and young adults who rely on these displays for training and parenting…and as the source for understanding the world and how to navigate in it.  That throwing drinks and using as many expletives as possible are the ways to express and communicate.

What happens when the cameras capture people in a different light…not the light of stardom, but the florescent light of the unemployment office or police station?

It’s disturbing to think that reality shows capture a true fragment of our society…and if that’s the case, it all looks and smells like a heap of bubbling over hot mess.

Keep it classy, kittens…NITE!



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