Now Who Has The Big Mouth?

Soooo, it’s finally happened…I’M PREGNANT!!…or, should I say, “WE” are pregnant.  Yes, yes, thank you, thank you, *hug*hug*…it’s been a long-time dream for me.  This is our first marriage and our first baby, he has two other little ones.

I refer to my delicious, hot piece of ass husband as, “Yum Yum.”  Well, Yum was very adamant about me keeping my pie hole shut and not telling anyone that we were expecting.  Soooooo, please tell me, whhhhyyyy was he sharing the news the same day he found out? Haha… while I really am tickled about his delight, his ass got some nerve in trying to shut ME down from doing the same.  Granted, I’m a bit more apprehensive about letting folks know just yet, but that part shouldn’t matter.

Baby Featherz 1Yum’s quick to nod in agreement that nothing else shall be shared until we see the baby’s heartbeat, but no sooner do we agree, is he taking a call and I distinctly hear, “Yeah man, we’re expecting.”  He’s so cute…and so terrible at keeping HIS pie hole shut.

Part of me wants desperately to share…but…I’m not so sure of what the reception will be. Will they love it? Hate it?  Brush it off?  I kinda think that would be the worst. We didn’t get a ton of support when we were first planning to marry, (your guess as to why is just as good as ours), and it made us decide that whatever money we were planning on putting towards a wedding and reception, should instead be directed towards our Honeymoon…helllloooo Hawaii!

So, in the flavor of those semi-sour feelings, I’ve decided to keep things on the hush for now…no matter how much I wanna be like my adorable Yum, flapping my lips all around town, haha.

So Kittens…the morale of the story is…don’t be mad at your Boo if he’s doing annoying things out of genuine love and excitement…just give him the saucy side-eye…but with a corner smile.  LOVE YOU!!


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My Inner Drag Queen Is Crying

Hello my little sparkly Kittens…

Well…this sux.

If there is one thing I wear the hell out of, it’s earrings.  Usually, my earrings are a bit on the flashy side, if not straight up hood, at times.  I’ve been noticing for the last couple of weeks that my ears can’t really tolerate them anymore and it’s making my inner drag queen cry.

What am I ‘posed to do now? I have oodles of danglies, hoops, chandelier and sparkly earrings to see me into the 2nd comiFeatured imageng….and now I can’t wear them?? Sunnuva Biscuit Eater… this SUX. Seems like I’ve developed some sort of allergy towards cheap ass jewelry…my favorite kind.  Why? Because you can have so many different looks and styles without breaking the bank.  Am I about to be sentenced to the dreaded one-look all week kinda thing? *sigh*  My heart hurts.

Ok…so it’s not so life ending…to you…but to someone who would loop two bobby pins together to make dangling earrings to wear as kid, this is gut wrenching. What’s my alternative? I guess look for metal or nickel free earrings and hope for the best. Perhaps this too shall pass…but, not likely.

Excuse me while I go dry my rhinestone laced tears…. *sniff*


All Blocked Up

Hey there my New Year Kittens…

Okay, okay…so I’m a little late with the whole “New Year” comment….but, check this out…

I started a new fancy-shmancy kinda job and 100% thought THIS SITE WAS BLOCKED.  What a friggin waste of opportunity to find that, as you can see, I’m on here!

SFeatured imageo, now it’s time to do a recap….Im actually a little embarrassed AND skerd to see when my last post was and what it was about so we are just gonna act like I ain’t missed much of a beat.  Well…sorta like a white girl that hangs around a lot of blacks…she ain’t gonna be completely off beat, ya know?😉

Any-who…my lil faithful and loving “pirate” brother passed almost a year ago. It was a difficult and heavy ordeal in being his caregiver, but I NEVER would have had it any other way. (Sailed Away 4/13/59-2/13/14)

Sooo, I’m currently with a SUPA-DUPA FINE AZZ MAN…who loves me dearly and who I’m utterly in love with. Wedding bells?  HELL YEAH…8-8-15 (infinity times two…get it?).  We get along famously…but as with all relationships, we can rub each other the WRONG WAY…thankfully, we do some of the other kind of rubbing in all the right ways, so it balances out.

How can a whole year be summed up in a few sentences?? Weird…but I kinda just did.  Actually, I did leave out some stuff, but why dwell? Undoubtedly, I will make my way back around…why? Because I’m a woman, dammit, and that’s what we do….bring up OLD SH*T…so, stay tuned, hah.

***This just in….a co-worker let me know that our internet filters are down for the time being…(rubbing hands together)***

Sooo, the plan is to get back to blogging…didn’t appreciate all my “down time”…aka UNEMPLOYMENT TIME. We shall see as plans tend to change around my world.

On a side note, I’m not feeling the greatest about the current condition of my body…it’s been through a lot, thanks to stress, medications, weight gain/loss…so much so that I’m having some body image issues again…(says this while eating a snack-size Snickers).  This sux…but is also great material for another blog.

Alright youngin’s…gotta do tha work thang up in here…check back, I should have more for you soon…*kisses*


Busy Little Kitty


Afternoon Kittens…

So I’ve given up on pressuring myself to write errrry day…and now I only write when I put fingers to keys.  I know that whole deal about “Writers, write”…well, if you’re a killer, you only have to do it once to maintain that title…so…I will confidently hold onto my title as a writer.

I’m in the midst of a transitional period right now…I’ve been unemployed since Feb, I’m seeing someone…sorta, I think…I’m looking to leave my home to go and stay with a sister and to embark on the adventurous unknown.  I can only be confident, not to mention joyful, that God has me in His care and that He loves this little “mud baby” with all His heart.

Soooo, I’ve also been going to the gym…am almost 10lbs down and I’m really feelin’ myself…like seriously, you would think I had lost 40lbs the way I’ve been batting my eyes around and swingin’ these hips.  Not sure if it’s my nearly invisible 10lbs lost or the confidence I’m exuding that has been bringing all the boys to the yard, but I’ll take it.

Did I mention I damn near live in a rubberized girdle?  Mmm-hmmm…if I get to moving around too much it smells like a race track, but it keeps the extra goo tucked in a bit.  Here’s a little confession…I like when I’m working out and then I start to smell some funk…why…’cause I’m puttin in work, bay-bee!! If I can push past the layers of Degree I’ve slathered on, then I just KNOW that I’m doing something.  I joked to a trainer that I wanted to work off my grizzle (gut) and that once I got going, he was gonna smell bacon.  And that by the time I left the gym, it was gonna be smelling like IHOP in there…(sorry if I just ruined breakfast delights for you).

I’m optimistic about the days ahead, but will gladly take any donations you would like to send my way...seriously, I haven’t worked since Feb…help a sistah out, will ya? *rattles tin coffee cup*

Alright….I better do something about the stuff under the stairs that needs sorting or packing or discarding. Gotta act like I’m going to be the only ant hauling stuff in and out on moving day.  That’s surely motivation enough for me.

Okay Kittens...go be useful…do something you have been putting off before I put these (metaphorically speaking) boots to your sweet little kitty asses.  LOVE YOU!



I Will Write Everyday, She Said…

Precious Kittens!

Don’t you just hate it when you put in an order to do something and then you quickly stray?  Boooo!  I said I was going to make the effort to write everyday and haven’t.  I’ve had some REALLY good topics, too…but it seems that the more I need to write and get some emotions off of my chest, the less able I am to get it together and get these fingers moving.

My boyfriend and I, of over a year, broke up about 3 wks after the passing of my brother who I had been caring for.  We remained “friends” but as of recently, he decided that he didn’t want that, either.  Ummmm, ok.

So now we are “estranged”….even said for me to stop contacting his family, which really hurt me, considering I haven’t done anything to warrant such a reaction, but ultimately, that’s HIS family.  I have, however, become BFF’s with one of his best friends and she and I love each other like sisters.  It doesn’t interfere with either relationship, so that’s good.

For all of my efforts and qualifications, I can’t seem to secure any work where I am so I will be going to share space with a sister who recently lost her husband.  I will help her get her home in order and she will  provide housing until I can find a job and then hopefully next year, I will move and be on my way to another phase of my life.

this girl (2014_04_02 19_02_53 UTC)

An ex-boyfriend that I’ve known for nearly 10 years, has come back into my life and love has begun to rekindle.  He’s been working on issues that we had in the past and I’m really liking where this is going…

I have found it is so much better to not make promises, rather than make them and break them.  Seems pretty obvious, but it’s something that I’ve taken for granted…until I was the one who broke them and felt what it was like to be on the offending side.

When I move, I will be closer to Long Beach and will have several beaches in the area to choose from.  I love the beach…and how it obeys God in traveling just so far, everyday, all day long.  It makes no sense for a body of water to do what it does.

While I’m definitely going to miss my beautiful, cozy, safe home…I look at it as a gift that GOD granted me…a loaner until my next assignment in life.  Who knows what my home will be like after I leave my sisters…but I’m so grateful for what I have now.  Not many people can say their first home was so sweet.

Who ever moves here after me will have a welcoming space with great energy.  My personal mantra is to leave every place I’ve been in better condition than it was when I got there.  So far, I have honored this…maintain a standard of excellence, kittens.

Anyway, I’m off to clean the kitchen and sort through more of the excess stuff I have.  I refuse to cart around stuff I have no use for.  Clear the clutter!

Bunch of hugs and kiss, little ones



Faux Forgiveness


Its a late night for me, Kittens

I don’t normally take naps, ESPECIALLY at 6:30 in the evening, that is just BEGGING for trouble…as me being up at 12:10am WIDE-AWAKE is proving.  I fell asleep in full makeup…INCLUDING lashes, haha…woke up looking like I was on set of a soap opera, hah.  This will make for a rough start to my busy weekend plans.

The plan is to go to a women’s expo here in Cali… where guest speakers Nene Leakes (Real Housewives of Atlanta, Glee) and Jackie Collins (Author) will be speaking on Sat and then Sun is Patti Stanger (Millionaire Matchmaker) and Lisa Vanderpump (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills). There will also be a ton of vendors and free massages and whatnot…mmmm, fancy.

Then on the way home, we (myself and my sista-girl friend, V) may stop at Mann’s Chinese Theater to support my friend and co-founder Joseph Alvarez’s Indie Nights film showcase.  A few celebs come through each time to support so it’s a great night cap.

Then on Sunday, we will go to a local Home & Garden Show and see what all there is to lust over, haha….but…this is not what I really want to write about tonight.

As I was rethinking the events of this past year, and those who (including myself) contributed to some heartache, I found myself feeling particular ways about people I had “forgiven”.  The more I analyzed, the more I began to question…had I truly forgiven the person/incident…or was I merely tolerating them and/or the situation?

df9e2241ce8496a084aaabbc48450a72That really made me take a moment because now the “easy to forgive” trait that I was so proud and secure in, was now in question.  Did I really “deserve” such a crown of glory?  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that perhaps, I had NOT forgiven them…and it made me feel a bit hypocritical.

How could I be so confident, if not secretly self righteous in my attitude, when posting quotes of forgiveness when I wasn’t doing it?  Trying not to be so hard on myself, I tried to figure out a way to rectify the situation.  I wanted to get to the root of the problem…and I found it.


In my quest to be loving and forgiving…I forgot to allow myself to feel.  I didn’t allow myself the right to first be TRULY upset and angry.  I didn’t allow gut wrenching sorrow to overtake me so that I could then let it go because I had dealt with it.  No, what I had done was react, but then quickly shuffled it away to clear the air, to not have the other person feel so bad or to not let it, in my mind, fester…only it had.


Now knowing this, I am accountable for my mistakes and am responsible to fix it. My emotions and mental health, are MY responsibility.  It is now up to me to relive the situation…write it out, cry it out, sh*t, FIGHT & SCREAM IT OUT, if I must…but I HAVE to acknowledge what I endured at the hands of another, how it made me feel, why it made me feel that way…and why I want to let it go.  Only in doing this will I not only be free from the person, but the incident and the simmering pain because of it.

Have you done this, Kittens?  Have you said, thought or believed  that you had dealt with an issue or forgave a person or incident, only to find that all this time you had only been tolerating it?

If not….KUDOS to you, my sweet babies! But if you have, take heart in knowing you’re not alone and there is a way out of that.  Acknowledge, Feel and Deal. Gimmie your paw, we can do this together.

memory ln

Okay little ones, I’ve got some cleaning do do upstairs…while I definitely needed that nap, it done screwed me up! haha…love you all!


In Tha Mix


Hey my sweet little Kittens

Today was a MUCH better day for me and I felt inspired to bake.  This is a favorite past time of  mine so it was a delight.  I have really been getting into the decorating of sugar cookies…you know, all cute-like.

I have some new cutters that I’ve been wanting to test out…some big, some small…and I will post pics of them decorated when they are done.  Decided to leave that for either Sunday or a really cool morning or night. We have a bit of a heatwave going on which begs to question WHY was I baking mid-day when it was 99 degrees…literally.

Anyway…I have a standard magical cookie recipe that I use as a base for my other cookies…but I have yet to develop my own for sugar cookies.  This is all a bit new because some want you to chill the dough, others are adamant about keeping it room temp…there’s still a bunch of trial and error involved.  The success of the cookie is USUALLY in tha mix…but that’s not always the ultimate deciding factor.

Today I made two different batches and oddly, to me. the first one (room temp) smelled like wet dog when it came out of the oven…not exactly the aroma I was hoping for…

Easter Sugar Cookies

Easter Sugar Cookies

The chilled dough wasn’t as sweet smelling as another batch I had made weeks ago where I tinkered with the recipe adding a dash of this and a pinch of that.  As a matter of fact, it was around Easter because I made butterfly and bunny cookies.  They were firm, yet soft and chewy…only they had some bubble tops…gotta work on that.


So once I decorate these (hummingbirds, butterflies, crescent moons, layered cakes, state of Texas, corsets and panties), I will post pics and then take a taste test.  My neighbors are usually the beneficiaries of my confections so perhaps I will add some comment cards to see which they preferred…then again, most people will either NOT want to eat them because, “they’re too cute to eat”…or they will just scarf them and then look at me sheepishly, realizing mere seconds passed between the hand off and the last swallow, hah.

Okay Kittens…be good and Mama Kat just may give you a cookie…or ten.



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